Need Radiation Protection ?

We are services to Industrial & Medical sector especially in Radiation Protection and Gamma Specialis

Consultancy Service

Assistance with regulatory compliance (BAPETEN / MIGAS), Development of radiation management system & radioactive security plans

Radiation Safety Training

Delivering knowledge of Radiology, Safety Protection, emergency Response and Management

Medical Radiology

You may need our proffessional medical radiology service

Engineering Construction NDT

We are also provide NDT Service for engineering Construction

PT. INTERGY Indonesia

We are Providing consultancy and offering professional certification programs.

PT. INTERGY Indonesia Incorporated based on Batam, Indonesia in 2011. PT. INTERGY Indonesia is one of the leading Radiation Safety, Industrial services & supplies company in Indonesia. Specializing in Consultancy, Supplies, and Management, Our skilled experienced and certified personnel capable to support for your project and was assure clients of their professional integrity and dependable and competence.

PT. INTERGY Indonesia always practice consistent performance through reliable services and have adopted a policy of excellence at all times. Our strength is team work, and this makes our technical know-how and experience more valuable. PT. INTERGY Indonesia goal is to achieve recognition as the best service in the region through our experience and competent personnel.


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