Our Services

Consultancy Service

We Are providing consultancy regarding:

  • Assistance with regulatory compliance (BAPETEN / MIGAS)
  • Development of radiation management system & radioactive security plans
  • Development & Review Radiation Procedures
  • Risk assessments
  • Shielding calculations
  • Transport services & custom clearance for radiation based equipments
  • Dissemination of nuclear technology, safety & application
Trading & Equipment Supply
  • Sale, hire and rental radiation monitoring devices such as personal dosimeter, radiation survey meter, contamination monitor, etc
  • Nuclear scientific laboratory equipment
  • Medical irradiating apparatus
  • Nuclear medicine equipment
  • Radiation source supplies (Ir-192, Cs-137, Co-60, etc)
  • Shielding material (lead acrylic, lead glass, lead sheets and lead interlocking bricks)
  • XRF / Positive Material Identification
  • Industrial radiography gamma projector & X-Ray machine
Training & Manpower Supply
  • Training of radiation safety awareness for individual or groups
  • Radiation Protection Officer /PPR training & certification
  • Aptitude test
  • Industrial radiography ( L1 & L2) examination & refreshment based on ISO 9712
  • ASNT L2 Radiographic Interpreter training & certification based on SNT-TC-1A
  • RT L1 & L2, RSO/PPR personnel supply
  • Medical Radiographer personnel supply
Testing And Calibration
  • Industrial Radiography
    -Gamma(Ir-192, Co-60, Se-75)
    -X-Ray (XRD, X-Ray Crawler
    -Betatron 7.5 MeV & 10 MeV
  • XRF Specialist
    -PMI (positive Material Identification)
    -metal alloy analysis
    -scrap metal sorting & recycling
    -toy lead testing
    -precious metal & jewelry analysis
    -RoHS compliance testing
    -QA/QC in manufacturing environment
    -mining & exploration
    -analysis of soil & sediments
    -environmental monitoring
    -geochemical mapping
    -lead paint testing
  • TENORM / LSA monitoring
  • Radiation leak test
  • Decontamination services
  • Calibration of radiation monitoring equipment services
  • Quality assurance for radiation based equipment
  • Isotope identification and search of lost/misplaced sources on-site

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