Gamma Scanning Services

It was carried out to diagnose the process tower such as tray missing, flooding and weeping and other malfunction and to help in adjusting the operation parameter to achieve optimum operation.

Reliable results

Gamma-ray scanning is based on the gamma ray transmission techniques. When a gamma-ray
passes through a column the intensity of the emerging beam is related to the path length and
density of material through which the beam passes.

An appropriate gamma source and a detector are aligned at a same elevation opposite each other
on the exterior of the column. This may be on a diameter or on a chord depending upon the
requirements of the scan. Measurements of radiation intensity are taken at appropriate elevations
as the source and detector system is either raised or lowered on the column.

The data obtained is then represented in some appropriate format to show radiation intensity as a
function of the elevation. Detailed analysis of these data enables to make assessments about the
condition of internal structures and process materials within the column.



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